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Porcelain Veneers

ethnicmodel3Porcelain dental veneers at I.Dentical – All About Your Smile can improve the appearance of cracks, chips, stains, worn-down or uneven teeth, and even some cases of teeth misalignment. Custom-designed to provide the best possible fit and appearance, porcelain veneers are made of thin ceramic shells that are bonded to the front portion of the affected teeth with a durable cement. With Dr. Rafael Yanez’s experience and artistic eye, he can help you improve the appearance of your teeth beautiful, natural-looking results.

Benefits of porcelain veneers from our cosmetic dentist can include:

  • Brighter tooth shade
  • Zero visible chips or cracks
  • More evenly spaced teeth
  • A more symmetrical smile
  • Improvement of discoloration or deep stains
  • Improvement in the appearance of gaps, spaces, and misalignment


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What Is the Procedure Like?

During your initial consultation, you and Dr. Yanez will discuss your aesthetic concerns and how porcelain veneers may benefit you. If this treatment is ideal for your needs, Dr. Yanez will design a custom-tailored treatment plan. To prepare the tooth for the porcelain veneer, a very thin layer of the tooth’s outer enamel may need to be removed; however, advances in cosmetic dentistry over the years have made it possible for very little of the original tooth structure to be removed or reshaped in these procedures. After taking a mold of your teeth, the impressions are sent to a lab where your veneers will be milled and ultimately matched to the shade of your natural teeth for a comfortable, natural, and precise fit. This procedure is typically completed in as little as two office visits.

What Kind of Results Can I Expect?

The materials used to create porcelain veneers are strong and durable. They can be cared for just like normal teeth. You should maintain your daily dental routine, including brushing and flossing, and also visit the dentist for twice-yearly exams. When cared for properly, porcelain veneers can last for decades and provide you with a brighter and more youthful smile.

For more information about porcelain veneers, or to schedule a complimentary consultation, please contact us at (215)923-2233.