What Is a Dental Implant Consultation Like?

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There are many benefits to dental implants, including improved oral health, speech, and smile aesthetics, as well as long-lasting results. However, many people are uncertain how to get started with the dental implant process. The consultation is the ideal environment to have all your questions answered — but so much more happens during this meeting. Dentist, Dr. Rafael Yanez, explains what goes on in the dental implant consultation:

“You will be greeted warmly when you arrive, and one of our friendly and skilled dental hygienists will take X-rays and a 3D scan to aid in the development of your customized treatment plan. These scans will help me predict the exact placement location for your dental implants, and they will also reveal if bone grafts will be necessary.

We can then begin the oral exam. You should feel free to ask questions, discuss any concerns, and talk about your cosmetic goals throughout the consultation. I will ask you about your medical history and lifestyle habits, such as smoking, and evaluate your oral health. In the event bone grafting is needed, I will explain the procedure, which may take place before or at the same time as I place the implants.

Once I have detailed the treatment plan, you will again have the opportunity to ask questions or request additional information about any aspect of the procedure. Our treatment coordinator will also be available to assist, and she will go over the cost of the therapy as well as your payment options.”

– Dr. Rafael Yanez

Your comfort, safety, and results are our highest priorities, and we strive to make your experience as informative and pleasant as possible. If you have additional questions, please contact us today. We can provide more information or help schedule your consultation with Dr. Yanez.