What Can I Eat After Getting Dental Implants?

Dental implants can be a great solution for missing teeth since they are designed to mimic natural teeth in almost every way. While patients should certainly take precautions after dental implant procedures and follow after-care guidelines to the letter, most individuals will not have to worry about adjusting their normal diet after the treated areas have fully healed. If you are considering dental implants or have already undergone the treatment process, you will likely be able to enjoy most if not all of your favorite foods in the future; however, there are some items for which you will need to exercise additional caution. 

Dental implants are specifically designed with longevity, durability, and functionality in mind. Implant crowns are also stain-resistant, so they won’t even be susceptible to discoloration from products such as coffee, red sauce, and dark berries, among others. With that in mind, just after the implants have been placed, we do advise patients to avoid hard, chewy, sticky, crunchy, or excessively acidic foods during the healing process. These items typically include ice cubes, candy, raw carrots, apples, popcorn kernels, steak, and others. After our dentist in Philadelphia has determined that the treatment areas have adequately healed he may advise you that any food restrictions up to this point can be minimized and you can go back to your normal diet. That said, in the future, it will still be important to refrain from biting down on hard or sticky foods with the treated teeth as there is the potential for damaging or loosening the custom dental crowns. 

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